Hi, this is my first entry. I started this blog to keep myself accountable to my diet and find inspiration from other paleo folks on tumblr. This is not a fat shaming blog. My reasons for going Paleo are for health, energy, and convenience reasons. Since I began eating Paleo almost a year ago, I’ve noticed the following benefits:

- my skin is clearer

- my energy levels are more even

- it’s easier to know what to buy at the grocery and cook at home

- I lost inches, especially around my waist - I don’t know exactly how much b/c this is not about losing weight it’s about eating healthier

- I’ve got more motivation to work out

- my cooking skills have improved greatly

Oddly enough, I have an easier time sticking with the diet when I’m busy. I’ve gotten pretty good at planning meals and cooking ahead of time. Lately, since I’ve had less to do everyday, I’ve not felt any motivation to cook or eat Paleo. I’ve been eating pizza, McDonalds, and lots of ice cream. I think this is because food is frequently my only source of pleasure lately. I graduated college in May, and am looking for a full time job. In the mean time, I’m unemployed and broke. So I don’t go out much. I’m hoping this is a temporary slump in my eating, and that I get a job soon.